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Vishvguru Ojaswi Patrika

Inspired by Ohmmo’s notions about life, spirituality, society and human values, Vishvguru Ojaswi is a monthly Hindi magazine dedicated to holistic living and overall wellness of its readers. It offers extraordinary insights into various facets of life. Vishvguru Ojaswi Magazine keeps you connected with the latest wisdom from Ohmmo and his matchless opinions and guidance for leading a life of enlightenment, bliss, and boundless universal love. A bevy of features include :

  • Galvanizing poetry by Ohmmo
  • Exclusive featured articles by Ohmmo
  • Excerpts from Ohmmo’s personal diary
  • Universal philosophy of Ojaswi Adhyatm
  • Ingenious talents and inventions across the Globe
  • Ohmmo’s take on latest happenings and global issues
  • Tips for health, wealth and holistic wellness
  • Inspiring lives of saints, spiritual personalities and great humans.
  • Ohmmo’s revolutionary thoughts on Indian education system and prison reforms.
  • Sharings from readers and emminent personalities