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Shri Narayan Prem Saiji’s supremacy is beyond imagination and words. His knowledge, his service and his love are open for everyone and are beyond the barriers of caste, creed, race and religion. Despite being a Parsee, myself and my family received tremendous love and affection from him, so much so that we are really surviving just because of him after going through a terrible crisis in life. I cannot now think of my life without him. His divine darshan and mind-blowing spiritual discourses, His literatures enrich my life with peace, happiness, knowledge and self-satisfaction.

Keko Bokdawala, Thailand Executive Chef, Sea Princess Associates

When I first met Shri Narayan Prem Saiji,I found tremendous glow on his face and experienced unbelievable spiritual power in him. He has an extraordinary charisma around him which attracts millions of followers worldwide. His words are not mere
words but are life transforming resources of divine knowledge.

General Secretary, Chamber of Commerce

Exec. Member, Internal Security of Thailand

Kitty Nawani, Thailand Owner of Nawani Company Ltd

If there are luxuries in life but no proper guidance and blessings of saints in life , then life can not be completely free from fear, anxiety and sorrow. There was a point in my life when I was very frustrated since I got only failures. My
T.V channel was on the verge of closure. Without finding shelter anywhere, I prayed helplessly to Shri Narayan Prem Saiji . He gave me courage, raised my strength and assured me that “Don’t get disappointed, stay firm. Your channel will not be closed. ” Don’t know what magic his blessings did?  Situations started becoming better. The channel started running much better than before. Today, again I am living a successful and dignified life. It is possible only by His grace and blessings. He has handled and saved the sinking boat of many devotees like me.

When Shri Saiji came out of the picture frame…
I Don’t know what has Saiji done to me that now and again I get indulged in his meditation. And As I am writing now, I feel the same. Yesterday a thought crossed my mind that it’s been long time since I’ve done Bhagwan’s darshan. And suprisingly he came to Mumbai today ! (27.11.2005)
One day, I was crying in front of his picture at home. Then I closed my eyes and meditated in front of the picture. Then and there “Bhagwan” stood in front of me straight out from the picture. Many times, when I keep my eyes shut even then Bhagwan appears. And when I keep them open then also I feel bhagwan’s presence.
Once, while watching the idol in Sai Baba’s temple in Shirdi, I saw Narayan Saiji  appear from the idol.
I pinched myself and blinked my eyes but then too I kept seeing Shri Narayan Prem Saiji in the Idol. Saiji has made me crazy in his pure divine love.


Rubi Bokdawala,Mumbai

I am an agricultural scientist. Due to the difficulties and problems, I was so disappointed that I was constantly thinking of ending my life. Fortunately, I came in touch with Shri Narayan Prem Saiji. All of a sudden, I got a new direction, new thought and a new life ! I went ahead in my work of agricultural research. Today, with the blessings of Pujy Shri I have made new discoveries of the wheat, rice and arahar (pigeon pea) species. I was invited in many esteemed agricultural and scientific conferences and awarded and certificate were given to me. My interviews were published in famous newspapers and magazines like Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagaran, Navbharat Times, Rashtriye Shara, Amar Ujala, Deshonnati, Rajasthan Patrika , Dainik Bhaskar, India Today, Krishak Duniya Krishak Jagat.News channels like Aaj Tak, Sahara T.V, E. T.V. have recorded and broadcasted my research. Today I’m on the peak of my success in this area. It’s credit goes to Pujy Saiji, who saved me from suicide and made me capable to receive so much respect.

Prakash singh raghuvanshi, Varansi Famous agriculture Scientist

We revere Saiji like a god. Without Him we do not consider our lives worth anything. Without His blessings our lives would’nt have prospered. We feel blessed to have Saiji in our lives and we seek His guidance before initiating any new task or venture, we attain sure shot success when do things as per His guidance. No matter how physically far Saiji is, we feel Him always close to us. He inspires us from within, He motivates and guides us through dreams. Even while living in Canada, we follow His footsteps and guidance in our routine life and because of this we feel safe and secure even though physically very far away. We used to revere Saiji as god, we revere Him as god and we will continue doing so till our last breath.
Hari om


Sai ji saved me from drowning…

I went to take bath in kali dam with Bhavesh and Krishna in Virar ashram situated at kumar Pada in mumbai. It was summer of 2004. My feet slipped and I started drowning in the river that was flowing downstream. To avoid sinking I caught Bhavesh’s hand but he started drowning too. In slapdash, I drank too much of water.
I had heard in the satsang that if you remember your God at the time of trouble then they surely save you. That time, I remembered this thing then I started to call out “Bhagwan-Bhagwan, Sai-Sai” in my mind. Soon I realized that someone held my hand from the top and brought me towards the shore. It was Saiji whose invisible presence saved me. Later, when I narrated this incident to Bhagwan Shri Narayan Prem Saiji, he said, “When you make such mistakes, it troubles me. Don’t do such things again that may cause any kind of problem for anyone.”

Hitesh J. Mansukhani, 36, Jai Somnath Nagar Bhuravav, Godhra (Gujrat)

Saiji is Pujya Bapuji’s disciple of the highest merit and the one over whom Pujya Bapuji has bestowed His complete grace. Saiji has been blessed with 64 sublime qualities. He possesses the virtue of patience like that of the mother earth, is adept in actions like the Sun, is impactful in conduct like the Air, is as high in His thoughts as Himalaya, is as expansive and all-embracing as the Sky, with His speech as sweet as honey. In the realm of spirituality, He is the Supreme Soul, All-pervasive, and All-empowered. He is boundless, infinite, omnipresent and is embodiment of the Supreme Soul. This is how I see Saiji.


Dr. A.K. Bose Kushalgarh Rajasthan. India

An officer was riding in a boat with Bhagawan shri in the narmada river dam near baroda . We were around  20-22 people sitting in it .There was a restricted area where it was forbidden to go. It is said that there was an old shiva temple which is now submerged in water. Nobody goes there, because gaint crocodiles roam around the area. Saiji said nothing will happen, come on right there.
It was only little later that one crocodile about 17-18 feet long came upfront with open mouth. There was a branch of a plant in Saiji’s hand. From that he plucked one leaf and while throwing it in the water he ordered “Why are you troubling us, go away !”.
The crocodile immediately changed his direction and swam away. I am the eye witness of this event. It is very difficult for everyone to recognise a saint like Sai.

Dilip Talreja, Lokhandwala, Mumbai

Saiji has hidden supernatural power !

We had no idea that so many people would come to listen to Sai’s discourses. Saiji’s has a fabulous art of explaining deep spiritual mysteries with fun. I have seen the atmosphere in Saiji’ Satsang; People of all classes love Saiji . Today’s intellectuals do not usually enjoy going to hear satsang but in Saiji’s satsang we saw their huge gathering. A divine supernatural power is within Saiji that binds everyone together.


Avadh Narayan Paliwal, Javra (M.P) Principal

Throughout my life I have experienced Saji’s guidance every step of the way.After meeting Saiji and staying at his centre I am constantly growing as a person both intellectually and spiritually. I feel the infusion of new skills in me.  Its all because of Saiji’s grace.

Pranav Bakshi, New Delhi

Pujy Shri Narayan Prem Saiji is the light of spirituality in today’s era through which a person can attain one’s ultimate goal. His simplicity, knowledge, work and commitment comes from his revelation and experience. By following the spiritual path shown by him, a person can attain proficiency in the art of living a healthy, happy and respectable life through which one can achieve success in both worldly and spiritual domain easily.