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Narayan Sai

A Mystic and A Humanitarian with boundless love and compassion for all living souls

"Behold the flowers, play with them, and blossom like them… leave aside grievances. Rise beyond pessimism, infuse optimism within, fill your heart with gratitude & thankfulness, and CELEBRATE LIFE !!"
Born with a mystical temperament and a heart brimming full with love & compassion for all living souls, Narayan Saiji or very popularly called Saiji has a profound thought process and a remarkable record of serving mankind, needy, flora, and fauna globally for over three decades.


Daily Inspiration

Life is transient. People who live for others are the one’s who are actually alive. 

– Narayan Sai , March,30, 2019

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Chaitri Nutan Varsh, Chetichand

Mangalwari Chaturthi

Sunrise till 4:07am

Shri Ram Navami,Ravi Pushyamrit Yog(Sunrise till 7:40am),Ambedkar Jayanti

Kamda Ekadashi

Mahavir Jayanti

Vishvguru Ojaswi

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Inspired by Narayan Saiji's notions about life, spirituality, society and human values, Vishvguru Ojaswi is a monthly Hindi magazine dedicated to holistic living and overall wellness of its readers. It offers extraordinary insights into various facets of life. Vishvguru Ojaswi Magazine keeps you connected with the latest wisdom from Saiji and his matchless opinions and guidance for leading a life of enlightenment, bliss, and boundless universal love.

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Latest Wisdom from Saiji

Narayan Saiji’s pearls of wisdom are meant to enlighten you to your own glory. They are of His heart and of your heart. They are as much as His tales as your very own. His mirror-effect writings will capture your heart and mind alike making you experience and realize profound knowledge and sublime mysteries of life.

Ojaswi Spiritual Ideology
My dear friends! Don’t worry at all. Don’t let fear come anywhere near you. Keep your morale high. Come let us mark the beginning of unprecedented great change in this world. Remember the words of Swami Vivekananda…

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Solitude is a scientific concept for awakening your spirit !
Don’t worry if you have been left lonely. Cause solitude is a scientific concept for awakening your spirit. Its an opportunity to establish oneness with God…

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You are a knowledgeable Soul...
Those of you running after school, colleges and universities for knowledge; Stop for a moment and listen to me ! You are a knowledgeable soul. The soul that is the pro generator of all the knowledge of the world.

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Social Welfare activities conducted by the inspiration of Narayan Saiji.

Protecting Natural Surroundings

Pujya Saiji has laid special emphasis on the need for conservation & protection of natural surroundings.

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Vasudhev Kutumbakam

Pujya Saiji has taken special initiatives for the reawakening & enlightenment of Diasporas and NRIs.

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Poverty alleviation programs

Various poverty alleviation programs run under the guidance of Pujya Saiji.

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Value Inculcation in children

Many camps & centres run under Pujya Saiji’s guidance for spiritual, moral, academic & social upliftment of children.

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Awakening Youth

Pujya Saiji himself being an enlightened youth saint has laid special emphasis on the awakening & uplifiment of the youths.

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Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan

De-addiction of people from various injurious-to-health items such as tobacco, cigarette, and liquor is also undertaken by organisations headed by Pujya Saiji.

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Disaster relief camps

Zones hit by earthquakes, tsunami, floods, epidemics, famines & droughts are duly and with great care covered by Pujya Saiji’s organisations.

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Meditation camps

Pujya Saiji presides over these camps and teaches several beneficial yoga asanas, meditations and focussing techniques

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