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Ojaswi Adhyatm


The more this world embraces the Vedantic Lifestyle of Ojaswi Adhyatm, the quicker will global disorders and human sufferings subside.

Pujya Saiji's Life


Born with a mystical temperament and a heart brimming full with love & compassion for all living souls, Narayan Saiji or very popularly called Ohmmo has a profound thought process and a remarkable record of serving mankind, needy, flora, and fauna globally for over three decades.

The joy, of the world-renowned Hindu saint H.H. Asharamji Bapuji and His consort H.H. Laxmi Maiyaji knew no bounds the day their son brightened their lives with His birth on 29th January 1973 and sparkled the lives of millions of spiritual aspirants by marking his birth day as the inauguration day of the world famous spiritual hermitage of Motera, Ahmedabad, India – Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram. This place is one of the most spiritually vibrated center in India that has shown to millions of people the path of enlightenment and servitude to mankind.

If all religions of this world unite under the umbrella of mutual affection, coordination, truth, love and compassion, then nothing in this world can make humans sorrowful and unsettled.

His life as a child and as a teenager was spent in the pious environment of hermitage of His father H.H. Bapuji and since very beginning He was made adept in the spiritual knowledge of sanatan dharma and selfless service for mankind. His tender years were spent under the careful and firm guidance and mentorship of Bapuji who initiated His son very early in His age and motivated Him to perform austerity, selfless service in ashram, meditation-dhyana, regular yogic practices, along with reading of profound scriptures like Shri Yogavashishtha Maharamayana and Shri Ashtavakragita. Besides, spiritual knowledge, Ohmmo was sent to school for education in a school in Ahmedabad and was trained by His father in various arts and scientific pursuits. He learnt to play several musical instruments at a very young age, He would sing melodiously bhajans and kirtans during meditational camps in ashram and at a very young age He also started giving spiritual discourses under the guidance of H.H. Bapuji. His profound discourses instilled in many spiritual aspirants quest for seeking real truth of life and initiated many spiritually-lost men and women to take up a meaningful course of life.

Terrorism, global warming, wars, and problems of refugees – none of these issues have resolved feasibly till date, but there is a possibility that these issues can actually get resolved with less efforts. For this, action transformation is of lesser relevance than beholding glimpses of one’s own religion in others’ religions.

Ebbs and flows of life, as every mystical and spiritual personality undergoes, have each day infused more and more spiritual strength and optimism in Ohmmo, which has escalated manifold through very strong spiritual mentorship and able guidance of His Father,  H.H. Bapuji who is also His spiritual preceptor. Untoward incidents of conspiracy and false allegations in 2013 resulted in incarcerating His Physical Self in Indian city of Surat’sLajpore Prison. This misfortune however failed to capture His ever-enlightening thoughts, His perpetual vision and positive efforts for serving mankind &environment, and His solemn determination to work towards world peace and harmony, if not through anything else, then atleast by penning His thoughts and spreading them far and wide for their realisation. His unwavering faith in victory of truth and law of justice has brought Him very ahead in His journey of social welfare and servitude during these years.

His austerity behind the bars has brought about some very profound and awakening treasures of writings and quotes, which are a result of purest of thoughts baked with utmost sincerity in the equanimous state during the heights of unjustified, uncalled-for, undue, and unwarranted harassment, oppression and persecution.

Every religion is strongly based on three roots – truth, love and compassion. Then why not we get to the roots – till when shall we remain wandering, lost and strangled in branches and leaves? Every religion is strongly based on three roots – truth, love and compassion.

The pain of confinement has positively transmuted into creative energy and has vented out itself in form of optimistically enriched, enlightening writings which have become a huge source of inspiration, awakening and motivation for people who read them after they are passed on from jail post-censoring, to electronic, print or social media. His life-transforming philosophy of Ojaswi Adhyatm is all set to cause a new dawn all over the globe in this century and many more centuries to follow. Seekers of love, honesty and peace from far and wide places of globe, write letters to Ohmmo in jail and tell Him what wonders His thoughts and writings are doing in their lives. They tell Him how He has travelled to their hearts and minds by personifying through his words and thoughts and how this has instilled in them a new energy, a new vision and a new ray of hope to live their lives amidst all murk, disappointment and despair.

As Ohmmo always says, “mere sharir ko kaid karna, sambhav hai, par mere vicharon ko nahi” : “ It is possible to imprison my body, but it is impossible to imprison my thoughts”.

True that it is, His thoughts and philosophy of Ojaswi Adhyatm has reached far and wide and has begun its process of heart and mind transformation in people who have started experiencing ultimate joys of existence in any condition that they are living in.

Behold the flowers, play with them, and blossom like them… leave aside grievances. Rise beyond pessimism, infuse optimism withinfill your heart with gratitude & thankfulness,and


This is what IS LIFE.

Ohmmo deeply believes in the power and magic of “TRUTH, LOVE & COMPASSION”.

Ohmmo is a charismatic personality whose life at any stage has depicted clarity in thoughts and actions. He is a mystic who believes in boundless, eternal, pure and universal love. His notion of spirituality is intrinsic, something that transcends the man-made boundaries of caste, creed, color and religions. It’s about being who you truly are. This is what OjaswiAdhyatm is all about.

A writer

A voracious reader and a prolific writer, Ohmmo’s writings allow us to understand our real selves through mundane, routine things and instances of life. He is a social reformer, an ardent patron of technology with positive impact, a lover of art and creative pursuits, and most importantly He harbours in His heart immense love for nature, animals, birds and mankind, of which He often talks about through His writings. There are glimpses of defiance of rigid and narrow mindset in His writings, which open gateway to a liberal, egalitarian, harmonious and peaceful world. Ohmmo has an unprecedented progressive take on all spheres of life.

A Philosopher and a Thinker

Ohmmo greets you to new way of living, the global religion of the 21st century, “OjaswiAdhyatm”. No matter where you are, what you do, how you think, and even if you are an atheist; OjaswiAdhyatma is here to embrace you all. Welcome to the era of truth, love and compassion – the foundation philosophy of OjaswiAdhyatm. Ohmmo’s life style, thought process and ways of serving humanity are all synonymous to the era-transforming philosophy of OjaswiAdhyatm. Ohmmo is a remarkable thinker who has remained as a guiding force for several years for various think tanks in India and abroad.

An Artist

Ohmmo’s creations and awe inspiring modern art paintings are like a doorway to a new world. His creations ooze out the colors of spirituality, love and pure emotions. They are His visions to the new, liberal, rich, colourful and sublime world.

A Musician

Ohmmo’s mesmerizing divine voice strikes a blissful chord among the listeners. Ohmmo believes that “Music is a power…a miracle ! It is therapeutic and so it strengthens our mind, body and soul. ” One can truly feel connected with inner self when Ohmmo sings and skillfully plays musical instruments like tabla, casio and flute.

An Ace Photographer

Ohmmo blends the magic of natural beauty and photographic craft to capture finest moments and poses of nature, human beings, birds, animals and monuments. He has created several masterpieces of memories making emotions of spectators run high and making the photographs immortal for their art, creativity and perceptivity. Ohmmo has created such magnificent impact in some photographs that He has clicked of His father and spiritual preceptor H.H. AsharamjiBapuji. Those and more other photographs are famous for their divine effect and radiance.

An inspiration

Ohmmo is an inspiration for millions of people across the Globe. His words are like elixir for the ailing hearts. His sparkling eyes filled with love and compassion spread out the message of seeing One within the All. His spiritual discourses, teachings and talks give us a higher understanding about life and its true purpose. His life spells joy and ecstasy at every stage, phase or moment. His glimpse or darshana infuse in people a new zeal for life and His grace bestows on them longevity, good health, prosperity, compassion, love and most importantly spiritual enlightenment.

Come experience the magic of “LIFE” with Ohmmo for life is a miracle in itself.