Protecting Natural Surroundings :

Pujya Saiji has laid special emphasis on the need for conservation & protection of natural surroundings. He has extreme fondness for nature bound destinations & his organisations work for purification of water bodies, soil conservation, animal protection, forest development. An organisation called Van Sanrakshan Evam Vikas Sansthan works exclusively for the protection and development of forest and resources. The organisation also takes care of the fact that medicinal herbs are grown and discreetly used for the purpose of Ayurveda, so that this ancient science is maintained as per its standards.

Vasudhev Kutumbakam :

Diasporas & NRI's have always had reasons to feel isolated & secluded. They have neither been gracefully adopted by their present native country nor have they been totally embraced by India – their land of roots.

Pujya Saiji has taken special initiatives for the reawakening & enlightenment of Diasporas and NRIs. Pujya Saiji has several times visited Mauritius, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, US, Hong Kong and has helped Indians living there feel connected with their motherland's culture, tradition & Sanatan Sanskriti. These diaspora devotees & NRIs have felt 'belonged' and 'associated' with India thereafter. Pujya Saiji has many other plans & projects for NRI's & Diasporas in the pipeline.

Monthly Spiritual Magazine :

Vishwaguru Ojaswi; A Monthly Spiritual Magazine; Will bring you each month :-

1. Satsang from Balyogi Brahmpragya Shri Shri Narayan Prem Sai.
2. Satsang from world renowned enlightened Saints from India such as Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu,Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj, Swami Akhandananda Saraswati, Shri Shri Ananadmayi Maa, Swami Vivekananda Raman Maharshi and so on....
3. Excerpts from great Scriptures Geeta, Shrimatbhagwat, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Ved, Upnishadas and Puranas.
4. Seasonwise report of Health Tips to be followed, Special Care to be taken and food iems to be taken or avoided during that season.
5. Monthly update of festivals and special important tithis during each month.
6. Science behind the traditions and customs followed in our Indian Culture.
7. Special Article regarding women's health / glory / progress.
8. Special Artical for Children/Students/Youth for their all round personality and character development.
9. Health Care Articles: Natural treatment of various diseases / medicinal use of various fruits, vegetables etc.
10. Vastu Vishesh Aricles.
11. News and Updates from the field of Science, Health, Culture.
12. Poems of all time favourite and great poets and poetess such as Bhaktimati Meerabai, Surdas, Bholebaba, Ravindranath Tagore, Sant Kabir and all those things which are required to make your life Happy, Healthy and Honorable.

Monthly Spiritual Video Magazine :

In today's civilization where we are entangled by various stresses, tensions and worries, though desirous of being free of these and a life filled with peace, tranquility and bliss, it appears too far to reach! Many of us believe that one has to renounce the world and reside in jungle, Himalaya or at a secluded ashram and endure deliberate physical & mental hardships to attain this. But contrary to this belief, to suit today's fast paced lifestyle, here is a way to experience and live that peace that bliss being where we are, doing what we do!! Simplifying our road to Ultimate, making our journey pleasurable and joyous is "Sai Sudarshanam".

A video magazine you can listen and induge in while driving, travelling, or at office!! Sai Sudarshanam is the world's first video magazine of its kind which is unique in concept and purposive in its aims. It provides you one-complete spiritual refreshment, ethnic values and the all-round personality development skills.

He Cares for Everyone

Various poverty alleviation programs run under the guidance of Pujya Saiji.

An absolute selfless endeavour undertaken for the moral & financial upliftment of financially backward & under privileged people. Foremost, Saiji instills through his various 'moral upliftment' camps a strong desire for self dependency & financial independency in his devotees. He has employed several hard working, sincere and industrious people in various organizations that run under him. Ojaswi International Products Ltd., Van Sansahshan & Vikas sansthan, Sai Sewa Lok Sewa Trust, etc. are some of the main organizations that have many people on payroll. Numerous times every year, Pujya Saiji's Organization – Ojaswi – organises various Bhandara Programs in poverty stricken zones of the country such as Kushalgarh, Devas, Petlavad, Navra, Mangaleshwar, Birval, etc. Free distribution of clothes, money, food grains, utensils, and sweets takes place at frequent intervals at these and many more places.

Centre for Value Inculcation in children

Children of the present age are the future of the nation. Many camps & centres run under Pujya Saiji's guidance for spiritual, moral, academic & social upliftment of children. Trained teachers teach children Yogi Techniques for enhancing memory, physical strength, charm and concentration power.The children attending these 'Bal Sanskar Kendra' are guided in the right direction of upholding there Sanatan Sanskriti and awakened to protect their dharma.

Awakening Youth

Pujya Saiji himself being an enlightened youth saint has laid special emphasis on the awakening & uplifiment of the youths.
Following are the special initiatives taken by Saiji vis-a-vis youths:
1. Foundation of youth collaboration as Yuva Sangathan all over India. Through such Sangathans, works of social relief and youth awakening happen all across the globe.
2. Moral upliftment, de-addiction campaigns, personality development, regeneration of cultural values are some of the successfully running projects under the guidance of Pujya Saiji.
3. Creation of strong sense of nationhood, protection, safeguard & promotion of sanatan sanskriti all over the world.
4. Bringing together the diasporas & NRI youth of various countries like Canada, Mauritius, Malaysia, Thailand, US, Hong Kong, Dubai.
5. Cultural, folk & art enrichment through several initiatives by youths of the Yuva Sangathan.

Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan

De-addiction of people from various injurious-to-health items such as tobacco, cigarette, and liquor is also undertaken by organisations headed by Pujya Saiji. Addicts are given alternative herbal remedies to replace the addictable items that they pledge to forsake.

This camp has been extraordinarily successful in rural areas where young, old, men, women have an aggressive fixation for chewing tobacco. Special lessons are given to them that educate them about the health hazards waiting for them in case they do not quit tobacco, liquor etc. The organisations make sure to keep in touch with these people and make constant efforts to help them quit these addicts permanently.

Vaishnav Janto Tene Kahiye, Je Peer Parayi Jaane Re

Zones hit by earthquakes, tsunami, floods, epidemics, famines & droughts are duly and with great care covered by Pujya Saiji's organisations.
The members of the organisation immediately reach the affected areas with relief packages that are distributed free of cost & without delay via mobile medical vans. Providing first aid, medicines, nursing staff etc., to the needy people becomes the priority of these organisations.

Meditation camps for stress-free life

Ojaswi International organises meditation camps all over the world. Pujya Saiji presides over these camps and teaches several beneficial yoga asanas, meditations and focussing techniques in his extremely simple and pleasing manner. There is always a huge gathering at these meditation camps which are held free of cost.
People from other countries like US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Den Mark, Germany, Dubai, Thailand, Mauritius, specially visit India to drink the holy nectars of Saiji's discourses and kirtans that accompany meditation and yoga.

Mobile Medical Vans in Rural Areas

The facility of mobile medical vans works round the clock, throughout the year for the betterment, treatment and welfare of people living in remote & rural regions of the country. The Chal Chikitsalayas are headed by professionally skilled and proficient ayurvedic, homeopathic & naturopathic doctors. These doctors are assisted by skilled nursing staff. They regularly visit rural areas and do medical treatment free of cost or at a very low cost. These mobile medical vans offer a great relief to the people where there are no proper medical facilities like clinics or hospitals.